Bar essentials to #BeYourOwnBartender

Bar essentials to #BeYourOwnBartender

A well-stocked bar is a dream for every drinking aficionado! Making your cocktails while playing with the right bar equipment is like a sheer pleasure. One cannot prepare the choicest selection of drinks without the fundamental piece of bar equipment! With plethora of options and myriad of items to choose from, an ideal investment in the must-have pieces will help you to create your drinks quickly and easily.

A fully lauded cocktail bar requires more than just two or three items. Even if you are not prodigious or a professional, you need to have the basic equipment for that impeccable home setup!

Here’s a selection of bar staples to have for making most drinks. So spruce up your cozy home bar with these to #BeYourOwnBartender!

Bar Spoon Fork:

A well-kept secret of the well-known bartenders is that they stir their cocktails with perfection! If you want to make that perfect concoction, then you must master this as mixology is a skillful art! With a good bar spoon fork, you can gently stir the ingredients to just the right dilution without breaking down the ice. It can even help you to layer drinks, pouring a second spirit, or mix down along the ice to create a layered drink that’s visually appealing.    


Well, another basic item to #BeYourOwnBartender is a good muddler, which can help you bring out the aromatic flavors of mixers and infuse them into the drink. A long-handled and wooden muddler is a great choice as it allows the mixing of drinks safely and efficiently. We believe that a great muddler should also be durable, easy to clean, and dry so that you can make your drinks rather quickly without leaving your friends waiting for the next round!

Cocktail Shaker:

Behind the bar, you can’t #BeYourOwnBartender without cocktail shaker tins that don’t seal well or don’t separate easily. A light-weighted tin-on-tin cocktail shaker in a decent size and durable quality is a much-needed barware. So invest in a top-grade alit shaker, which can let you mix your drinks in a jury so that you get the perfect cocktails every time you mix one!

Peg Measure:

A jigger or a peg measurer can help you measure the spirits before putting into the shaker or mixing glass. Opt for a classic metal one to add the perfect aesthetic appeal as a bar tool. With a jigger, you can essentially build all the ingredients of a drink in one go in all the right proportions! If you are looking for something practical, then a double-sided metal jigger that has different ounce cups on the sides would a great pick. 

With these efficient, sturdy, and easy-to-operate items, you can take your mixology game a notch higher and #BeYourOwnBartender. Now that you have your list of barware ready so you can start stocking up on these must-haves for your home bar and make your place a favorite hang out spot for your friends.